Saturday, June 23, 2012

A rockin' date

Date #9
Dinner, Shopping, and a Light show at the Planetarium

B's birthday was on Wednesday, but he didn't come home from work until Friday, so I took him out then.  We started the night with dinner at one of our favorite restaurants(Pizzeria 712).
From there, we had the car ride to Salt Lake, to continue to talk and laugh and enjoy each other's company.  We had plans to see the 'Rock on Demand' light show at the Clark Planetarium, but our show didn't start for another hour, so we had some time to walk around the Gateway Mall.  Fine by me!!  : )  We went to Anthropologie and got some colorful bowls to add to our collection.

Then we were off to the Planetarium for a light and laser show, set to rock music and shown in a dome theater.  We sat back, relaxed, and enjoyed some music and entertainment.  The audience got to choose the music.  We heard a mix of Classic Rock and Modern Rock- everything from Led Zeppelin, to Red Hot Chili Peppers, to Jimmy Hendricks, to Pink Floyd.   It was fun to b able to sing along as loud as we wanted.  

We walked around the store for a few minutes afterward and then headed home, where our babysitter had all of the kids all tucked into bed.  perfect!!  

I know B likes our date nights, but he's not usually very vocal about it, which makes it hard for me to keep planning things to do.  This time however, he told me quite a few times throughout the night and at the end of it all, what a good time he had.  He said, 'This was a really good birthday.  Good company, good food, good music.'  Nothing meant more to me than hearing that he appreciated the night I planned for him.  I love him and I'm happy we got to celebrate his birthday together!!

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