Saturday, December 31, 2011

End of Year Catch-up/Review

Dates #46 - 50
Things have been pretty crazy at our house - but I can't just bail and not finish out our 2011 date goals!!  Its been awhile, but here were our last dates of the year . . .

D's parents wanted to have all the grown-ups together for a night, so they took all the kids and spouses out to Tucanos in Salt Lake.  With all the grand kids left at home . . . it was quite a treat for us adults to spend some uninterrupted time together.  It was a memorable dinner for D&I (and everyone else hopefully) because D&I got to announce our big news to the family!  D passed around his phone with a random picture of an ultrasound on it . . . it took a second, but everyone figured out our news . . . Baby #3!!  Also memorable to me . . . this was really my last normal evening for quite some time . . the next morning I woke up with full blown "Morning-but-really-ALL-DAY-sickness". 

J&D threw their annual Christmas Party and its one of our favorite events of the holiday season!  We love feeling the Christmas Spirit with all our friends and having some GREAT laughs during the white elephant gift exchange! 

D's work always throws an amazing Christmas Party.  Nice Dress, awesome food & entertainment - its something we look forward to every year!  This year was no different.  Held at Thanksgiving Point with a Movie Star theme . . . the Vegas entertainer (juggler/funny man) was hilarious!!!  Its always romantic to get dressed up for Dane to spend the evening with him!

Taking from J&D - I am going to count our Christmas Eve as a date too.  It was super out of the ordinary cause we also stayed up super late (thanks to a good round of puking that made me feel much better) wrapping presents and getting the house ready for Christmas morning.  I love wrapping presents by the light of the Christmas tree and I was afraid I would have to lay on the couch and watch D do all the work.  I feel super blessed to feel well enough to be involved as we wrapped presents for our kids and families and listened to Christmas music.  Even Christmas morning was special as our kids slept in SUPER late, but D&I couldn't stay in bed so we got up and made muffins and put on the music again and had a little more time together before the kiddos woke up and we were able to see their little faces as they walked into the room.  I love Christmas!!

As is tradition in D's family - we always see a Christmas movie . . . although this one was more a New Years movie cause I think we went on New Years Eve afternoon.  D's family LOVES movies so we try to go see some of the big ones (well at least one) together every year.  This years movie was SHERLOCK HOLMES.  We loved it!  It was fun to cuddle up with D (and eat popcorn nonstop to try and curb the sickness) and just be entertained for a couple hours.  I definitely recommend the movie . . . Robert Downy Jr. rocks!!

2011 has been AMAZING!  This dating goal has been incredible for me & D and our relationship . . . I hope the other couples feel that way too.  It was always well planned or super fancy or anything, but making sure to take time out for each other . . . and making it a habit . . . really strengthened our relationship.  We have more great memories of dates and laughs and just good times together this year than we have had in a long time!!  I have to thank J& D for their inspiration and including us in this dating group!  For us the timing has been perfect too - a year of incredible dating leading into a big year filled with change for us.  Nothing helps dealing with change better than the stronger, more deeper relationship that we have built this year.  Being pregnant and having a baby are LIFE CHANGERS, but we are ready to handle anything!  :)  I wish I could say 2012 would be just as good or better than 2011 for dating . . . but that's just not realistic.  Between the sickness & exhaustion of pregnancy and then the newborn in July . . . things will be more low key.  But we are SO PROUD of what we have done this year and will keep the spirit alive in a more low key way in 2012.  But watch out 2013 . . . we will be back!  :)  I will keep posting dates - especially the good ones - as they happen - but maybe not keep such great tabs on numbers & such - we shall see. 

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