Friday, January 6, 2012

J + D Playing CatchUp

J + D
Dates 38-47ish

First off, its been a whole year since we started "dating" regularly again.
I must say that it has been an AWESOME and CRAZY and BUSY year for us....
So first, here's a quick anniversary movie I made for the hubb...

We've had several dates that I haven't posted on here for 2 reasons
1..repeats of things we have already done
2..having had the time to sit down and punch it out

So here I the start of a new year:

Dates 38-42 I'll give credit to at-home movie watching.
For about 8 weeks I was INCREDIBLY sick
(thank you non-credited-due-to-not-being-appropriate-on-this-blog babymaking dates :))
so we (I) spent a lot of time on the couch
watching movies
And D would often lay beside me so sweetly.
I wish I could say that at I was this perky and happy....
but I'm still counting them as dates...

Next on the list are our 3 mega fun Christmas parties we were able to attend without babies...
(Dates 43,44,45)

1: Our annual Christmas party that we throw for all of our bestest friends
(a total success--I didn't even feel sick)
2: My work's party at a fancy schmancy country club where we got all gussied up together for
dinner and a hilarous white elephant exchange
3: A fondu party where we nearly hit a deer and ate so much dippable food we came home nearly puking.
All were so fun to go to together.
I have the bestest dating partner. :)

Date 46
consisted of staying up SUPER late Christmas Eve and wrapping gifts together, placing them strategically under the Christmas Tree, and acting joyously like Santa and Mrs. Claus.
Why doesn't she have a NAME?
We were more excited about Christmas Morning than the kiddos were...
Being a parent at Christmas time is SO SO SO fun!

And then Date #47
 was saved for our Anniversary, just a few days after Christmas.
We always go to the temple on our Anniversary, so that's what we did again.
Its my favorite thing to do on our special day...
And then we got some take-out from one of our favorite places and hurried home to put the kiddos down to bed. so we could have the rest of the evening together.

We didn't make it to 52 dates this year, but 47ish isn't all that bad.
We've made a new goal to start up again FRESH and EXCITED for 2012 and 
we're excited that our first official date of 2012 is TONIGHT!!!
Yay for Dating!

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