Friday, January 6, 2012

Dinner with the Big Guys

J + D
2012 Date #1

Tonight we were invited to a dinner party with the Executive Leadership Group of our church
and though we were a little nervous about going
(mostly because we didn't know who would be there nor what we'd talk about with whomever was there)
it ended up being a pleasant evening.

We sat with a handful of couples who are mostly our parents' ages or older
and had a delightful time hearing everyone's stories of how they met their spouse and
how it all lead up to their marriage.

We laughed and were pleased to feel comfortable afterall.

We were served HAWAIIAN HAYSTACKS and played a few games
with everyone afterward.

The one thing we took from this date was that you can't always assume
fun can only be had with those you feel most comfortable with.

It was a great learning experience
and a great evening for us both!

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