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Game Night
D and I have decided to revamp out date nights this year by organizing them a little differently.  We've decided that one week a month will be for a temple date night (without kids), one for a game night with friends (where kids are invited--since they tend to play the games with us anyway--and we can still have adult time), one for an alone date (going out without kiddos) and one that's either a home-date or a family date.

For us, that's easier because
3 of 4 dates = Potentially FREE
2 of 4 dates = Don't need babysitters
2 or 3 of 4 dates = Just US alone still
2 of 4 dates = Potentially at home
2 of 4 dates = Potentially with friends

We figured by trying it this way, we'd be more apt to stay on the ball without feeling guilty about leaving the kids (which I realize we shouldn't feel that way, but we often do), spending the money, or having to trade/find babysitters so often.  
We'll see how it works out for us as we go along...

Anyway, our date night was super fun!
We had D&T and C&B over for a game called QUIDDLER, a big bowl of popcorn, a pan of brownies, a package of oreos, and some other assorted fingerfoods.

We laughed, we had a great time, we didn't worry about getting back to the kids, and best of all,
I won the game. :)
Here we ladies are--including C's darling baby girl P.
Such a great crowd!

Thanks again for coming!

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